How soft is your fabric softener? Is it soft enough to dissolve flesh and bone, reducing you to nothing but a pile of pillowy clothes topped by your still-grinning severed head? Because that’s what German brand Henkel Vernel has promised to do to the good citizens of the United Arab Emirates, should they buy their intense fabric softening product.

Created by advertising firm DDB Dubai, these ads are ostensibly meant to convey the wonderful feeling one gets from wearing insanely soft clothes, but I can’t help wondering if something got lost in translation. Maybe “creepy head atop neatly folded clothes with shoes bent the wrong way for feet to go” means something else in the UAE, but I am skeptical. I can only imagine what Peggy Olsen would say about this campaign.

They also gave the characters in the ads names, as if that will do anything but make us even more concerned for their well-being by humanizing them to us. It’s not just some random ass people who’ve had their bodies dissolved, but Miss Sarah, Mr. Tarek, and poor old Aunt Agatha. (But if you ever fix your, uh, problem, Mr. Tarek, feel free to give me a call.) Check out the rest of the weirdo images below:

(Via Styleite)