It’s no secret that Karl Lagerfeld is very attached to his feline companion, Choupette. Choupette has a Twitter account, eats shrimp on her birthday, and has two maids.

So it should come as no surprised that when a French TV show mocked Choupette, Lagerfeld went through a series of reactions that can best be described as bemusement, then horror, then repulsion, then a death stare.

The incident in question went down on Monday on the show Le Grand Journal. As part of a skit, one man dressed up as the cat while another talked to him in French, then proceeded to spank him. It’s actually a little shocking, given Lagerfeld’s proclivity for saying exactly what’s on his mind, that he continued to sit there and bear witness to the besmirching of his kitty instead of getting up and walking off the set, or even giving the hosts a piece of his mind.

But sit there he did indeed, and the look on his face as the sketch progressed says everything we’ve ever needed to know about how he feels when it comes down to taking Choupette seriously. Do not mock Karl Lagerfeld, or this will happen to you:[ITPGallery]