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Oftentimes we LadyScouts are concerned about the viability of “having it all.” “But I want to have it all,” we say, “give me it all! All of it! It! All!” And all too often we are told by “society” and “the man” and “articles” in “women’s magazines” that we can’t have it all, we can only have it some. Some? Eff that. Enter swimmer Dara Torres.

Dara Torres has won twelve Olympic medals — four of each, which is basically the complete set. She boasts not just incredible talent, but amazing longevity. To date, she has competed in five Summer Olympics — spanning from 1984 to 2008. That is the span of most Olympic swimmers, not most Olympic swimmer’s careers. At the 2008 Games, 41-year old Torres became the first woman over the age of forty to swim in the Olympics. Wow, good for her, right? Getting out there, competing, still part of it, giving it the old college try — all after taking time off to have and raise her daughter. OH, then she won three silver medals, beating a whole host of women who were under forty. In 2007, less than two years after pushing a human child out of her body, she broke the American record in the 50-meter freestyle. This must have been terribly upsetting to the previous record holder — 15-year-old Dara Torres, who had set the record two and half decades earlier.

In addition to her unbelievable feats of athletic strength and will, Dara Torres is also a reporter, a model, an author, a TV show host and a mother. Oh, okay, yeah, that’s just a normal resume. “Come on! Pick up the pace, Torres!” is something no one needs to say. While it seems feasible that any one of these “little side jobs” could easily take away from pooltime, Torres is currently training for the 2012 Olympics.

A Sample of Notable Badges Earned:

For our very first Honorary LadyScout Athlete, we are proud to award the “Gym Class Hero” badge. Torres physical fitness and prowess are an inspiration, especially considering the absurd amount of time she has been kicking butt. Additionally, as a mother, we would like to award her the “Catching a Child’s Vomit in Your Hands So You Don’t Have to Clean the Carpet” badge, because, well, it’s our favorite badge regarding motherhood and because motherhood GETS SO REAL. Being a world champion takes hard work and determination and care and attention and being a mother means all those things plus water wings and Dara Torres does it ALL.