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If you are a connoisseur of scary movies, then you are likely familiar with all the popular horror movie tropes – namely possessed and demonic children. This clever video from College Humor gives these kids a slightly more cheery spin by showcasing the chipper childcare provider for all those children who have haunted audiences for years.

“Horror Movie Daycare” first hit the Internet last year, but has just recently gotten some new life on YouTube – and seriously, what better time to bring it back than right around Halloween when horror movies are in repeat mode on cable? Pop culture enthusiasts should be able to pick out some notable film references in this short.*

I am scared of everything, so this little spoof actually calmed my nerves. They’re just a group of kids who like naptime and snacktime and playtime! Maybe this was the nurturing environment they needed BEFORE causing all the terrifying events in their movies. At least, that is what I will tell myself rather than watch any of the films because I want to avoid the inevitable nightmares.

*In keeping with one of the horror genre’s most notorious possessed children, there IS projectile vomiting at one point in this video, so just brace yourselves.