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Hold up, everyone – Lifetime has recently provided a sneak peek of their original movie House of Versace. Yes, this is the movie with Gina Gershon as Donatella Versace. It’s all happening!

Besides getting some snippets of Gershon as Donatella, there are some other valuable takeaways here. For example, if you didn’t know House of Versace will involve fashion, Lifetime has done you a solid and featured a lot of shots of sewing needles dropping dramatically. The preview also informs you that this movie will have “POWER” and “MONEY” and “FAME” – themes Lifetime really hammered home by featuring them in all-caps text onscreen.

Needless to say, everything seems to be falling in line with my expectations for this movie, especially considering how other Lifetime biopics have gone. Until premiere night (October 5), I suggest you get in the Lifetime mindset by catching up on our sister site Crushable’s hilarious Lifetime movie reviews.

Extra credit discussion: Fellow Gloss writer Eve feels like Gershon’s Donatella has not gone blonde enough, nor is her hair the correct length. After spending a good five minutes staring at a Google image search result for Donatella Versace, I am inclined to agree. But I want to hear what YOU all think, so hit it up in the comments.

via Jezebel