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The Gloss readers and staff tend to read a whole lot of things besides just The Gloss. There are books galore all up in this house. But even though I’m far from a devotee of Mari Kondo and her “get rid of all the things, and treat what you keep like tiny little people” style of super tidying, even I can start to feel a little crowded when the books start falling off the shelves and piling on the floors. So those books need to be straightened up and organized. But whether they’re stacked by color, size, theme, title, or surname is a tough choice. Here’s how you guys weighed in:

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Just go digital

“I have all my books on my iPad now. Well, now all my books, but a lot of them,” Koolchicken wrote. “When I feel like reading an old favorite I don’t have in the new place I just re-buy it on iTunes. Anything I never owned, it’s not even a question, iTunes. Having all this space is just so liberating. I swear the house literally feels lighter. And bonus! I no longer have to worry about my irrational fear that there are bugs hiding inside them. Because there aren’t, cause they’re digital. Also, I never have to worry about paper cuts. I’m very afraid of paper cuts.”

Sort by awesomeness

“I organize my books based on how much I like them,” Tessa wrote. “Right now it goes from top to bottom: unread>favorites>ok books>meh then a box of books to goodwill.”

This sounds like a pretty great system. If I wanted to borrow a book from Tessa, I’d just start at the top shelf. Piece of cake!

Keep a “to-be-read” shelf

“I have a 5 shelf bookshelf and the shelves are: my husband’s books on one shelf, my books I’ve read and loved on the next, work/nonfiction books I’ve read on the next, then 2 shelves on books I need to read,” Samantha wrote. “If I don’t organize them by read vs not read, I’ll never be able to fully remember which ones I still want to read.”

That’s a good idea. I don’t know how many books I’ve lost by putting them on my bookshelves and forgetting they were there. Keeping a “Books to Read Later” shelf would help make sure I remembered to actually get back and read them later.