People can be so rude sometimes. Last weekend, I attended a dance workshop with a Radio City Rockette. We were able to ask her questions after the class and I could not believe some of the questions that people were asking her. One mother asked, “How much money do you make?” A fifteen- year- old girl asked, “How much do you weigh?” I was appalled that someone would dare to ask such an intrusive question. The Rockette gracefully declined to answer the questions, and she deserves a pat on the back for staying cool and collected.
We’ve all been there. Someone asks you a question and you don’t know how/ don’t want to respond. Here are a few suggestions to try out. “Answer 1” is for the daring woman, while “Answer 2” is if you want to keep things classy.
  • Q: Why don’t you have kids?

Answer 1: I don’t know how to.

Answer 2: We’re not planning for any.

  • Q: Have you had a nose job?

Answer 1: I’ll give you my doctor’s number. He has great rates for face lifts.

Answer 2: No, but didn’t I get lucky with this one?

  • Q: When are you due?

Answer 1: I’m not. But thanks for assuming I’m having sex.

Answer 2: Not for a while.

  • Q: How much money do you make?

Answer 1: Why? Do you need a loan?

Answer 2: Is this going to decide who pays for dinner tonight?

Tell us all the rude questions you’ve been asked in the comments section below. How did you respond?