You can totally pull off overalls.

Don’t listen to that creepy voice in your head saying you can’t. I know the last time you wore overalls was when they had an embroidered Piglet on the bib. I know that clothing with a “bib” makes you feel like you shouldn’t be wearing it, but you definitely should! You will not look like a third grader, I promise. Fifth grader, at the worst. Kidding!

The real key to pulling off overalls as an adult is the styling. So here are 10 looks that will make you take the overall plunge with confidence.

1. The Dress Up

Guess classic denim overalls

Guess, $158

Wow. These overalls have really been overhauled. That was a bad joke, and I’m not sorry. (I’m a little bit sorry.) Moving on, this totally has that super-cute boyfriend look. Side note: when did “boyfriend” become code for “jeans that won’t make you feel like an exploding can of biscuits”?

The blazer is essential, but could we get a pop of color? I’m thinking an orange heel! Go!

2. The Total 90’s Love

urban outfitters bdg short bib overall

Urban Outfitters, $79

Maybe just embrace the nineties kid that’s inside of you. This works best when starting out with overalls with a low bib. That way you get more room to express your love for the best decade of the past twenty years. (I’ll stop with the bad jokes now.)

Obviously, platforms are essential, as well as a cut-off tee (or a bustier, a la Selena) with a sweatshirt tied around the middle.

3. The Cutie Pie

anthropologie citizens of humanity quincey overalls


You are going to look so cute in these overalls, so just own that. Wear some Keds and a nautical t-shirt and get yourself to the farmers’ market stat.

4. The Rear Unmentionables

forever 21 favorite denim overall

Forever 21, $34.80

You know, you don’t have to go baggy with overalls. You could go tight, and show off the gym work.

I must confess. I will personally never do this style. Too many bad memories of overalls not being long enough in the torso. You know what I mean. Right?

5. The Skort

Shakuhachi patch overalls short

Shakuhachi, $229

It’s a denim romper! How is it so much cuter than any romper?! Also are skorts back too? If so, I’ll be in the back of my closet digging out a few I kept just in case. Lady in the front, superwoman-who-can-do-anything-with-no-fear-of-exposing-herself in the back.

6. The Citzen Cope Concert

h&m women stretch overalls

H&M, $29.95

This dungaree look is for when you want to exude badass, but you woke up kinda late. Tie the hair up, throw on a band t-shirt and your farmer’s best denim, and add your favorite “whatever” shoes. Done and done.

7. The Bib Down

j. crew gallery oversized overalls

J. Crew, $168

Maybe you’re not quite ready to clip those straps in, or maybe you want a bit of the Harem look. Either way, the waist fit is essential. Otherwise, I see London… Wait, the belt! Belted overalls!

8. The Jorts

rubbish short overalls junior nordstrom

Nordstrom, $48

I’m not a fan of jorts, but some ladies totally pull them off. Can we call these “ovorts”? Okay, I just heard they’re called “shortalls.” Let’s pretend I didn’t come up with “ovorts.”

I bet you and you’re new Birkenstocks would look adorable in these shortalls (because there’s an overlap with those two).

10. The Simple Look

edyson destroyed overalls americana

Nordstrom, $98

Look, you probably look fabulous in overalls because you’re the person who chose to wear them. I mean, a person who chooses overalls is choosing fun, so put your shoulders back and clip in the braces (or just one, if you’re feeling risky). You’re going to look great.

10. The Fifth Grader

teddy bear 90s grunge overalls embroidered light wash

Etsy, $78

I promised you fifth grader, and I never go back on my promises. Who says you have to give up the embroidery just because you can legally drink? Hey, with a little cuffing and that orange heel we talked about… Okay, maybe just don’t do this particular overalls look.