As we all know, cupcakes are one of the most beloved foods ever and, for some reason, are frequently in the news. From looking adorably international to being consumed by a writer on a toilet, cupcakes are simultaneously delicious, fashionable and ever-trendy.

Cupcakes are something we can’t help but often associate with our childhood. The excitement of somebody bringing a bunch to class or the way that you can have as many as you want when it’s your birthday; it’s all adorably nostalgic, albeit sometimes a little weird. Whether you love a good ol’ Funfetti or some crazy concoction made to taste like Christmas dinner by an experimental bakery, cupcakes are usually pretty awesome. I love them despite cupcakes being one of those really messy foods that inevitably results in a choice between getting my fingers and lips all gross like a 5-year-old or just eating in the damn tub all Dunham-style.

However, since we’re celebrating being adults with Big Girl Badge Week, I think it’s only appropriate that we take our cupcake consumption to the next level, shall we? Presenting a how-to on eating cupcakes like a grown up (well, a hot gentleman grown up to be exact, but whatever):

[youtube_iframe id=”wjM9tR42Szo”]

On that note, I’m saying “fuck losing weight for my upcoming vacation” and going to get a vegan creamsicle cupcake downtown.