So there’s this guy, Josh Amatore Hughes, and he’s written a little tome called Punk Shui: Home Design For Anarchists, in which he seeks to “help those who desire more from their life and living space.” I’d kinda prefer if he helped me keep my furniture, you know, in one piece – but hey, you say “Potato”…

Some ideas from the book:

– Blow up your TV

– Saw your couch in half

– Block all light from coming through your windows

How do you know if Punk Shui is for you? According to Josh, Punk Shui appeals to the kind of person who has fantasized about “shredding Martha Stewart Living with a chainsaw,” or who gets the jellies when they visit their buddy’s “garbage-and-dirty-clothes/dishes-in-the-sink-infested living space.” What I want to know: does it count if you fantasize about infesting your living space with copies of Martha Stewart Living and giving a little chainsaw love to Punk Shui: Home Design For Anarchists?

On the bright side, it’s so easy to DIY!