board game
The Patriarchal Stone – Earned through realness. With it the user can defeat Bitches.

The Fen of Misandry – May or may not be real. Tread carefully.

The Bridge of Intersectionality – Players cannot cross the Bridge of Intersectionality without trading their Privilege at the Booth of Self-Knowledge for Postcolonial Theory Boots.

The Zone of Friendship – Players who are sequestered here lose a turn until they can draw the Card of Exile.

The Third Wave Wave Pool – Many a warrior has drowned here. Riot grrls and sword-bearing womanists lurk just beneath the surface of the water for those who can survive the coming onslaught of waves.

The Mask of Gender Essentialism – Players may choose to pair the Mask of Gender Essentialism with the Vest of Niceness for an stronger spin attack.

The Mommyblogging Caves – Here there be dragons.

The Lens of the Male Gaze – Doubles strength of any offensive attack; cannot be used concurrently with the Vest of Niceness.

The Mire of Identity Policing – You do not know if you are close to the Mire of Identity Policing until you are in the middle of the Mire of Identity Policing. There is no escape from the Mire of Identity Policing.

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]