Oh, The Donald. Anything to keep himself in the spotlight or at least a token member of water cooler fodder!

In between his investigation into Barack’s legitimacy and counting all the dollars he’s made post claiming bankruptcy, he’s a calm and concerned man. Proof? Well, once he heard the news that Taylor Swift had broken up with her boyfriend, he offered his condolences via Twitter. Sort of:

Seriously? A woman breaks up with her partner and is probably suffering at least a wee bit and this is your response?! Great. You support the demise of her relationship, but at least keep it to yourself! But as we know, this is how The Donald rolls.

Yes, Trump is becoming irrelevant very fast. Yes, his days in the sun are almost over, but really? Publically clapping at the demise of a relationship? Come on, Donald. You’re more creative than that. At least send Swift flowers with a condescending note; at least that would make sense and would be SO you.


Photo: HRC/ WENN.com