holiday drinks

I’m a huge fan of all sorts of booze (if you read my articles frequently, you probably already know this and are rolling your eyes, exasperated), so the holidays are one of my favorite times because everybody gives you booze. Everybody! Friends, coworkers, neighbors…you always wind up with a ton of bottles of stuff way before Christmas. So why not put some of that to use with a few great recipes for holiday drinks?

Now, as much as I absolutely love mint chocolate chip ice cream and Girl Scout thin mints and gum, I detest peppermint-flavored alcoholic drinks. The only one I’ve ever actually enjoyed was mixing the aforementioned ice cream flavor with vodka and Bailey’s (do not try this, you will get addicted and you will gain 10 pounds in one evening). But generally, most minty drinks make me a little queasy. Sadly, lots of people think this is the most “festive” type of cocktail, so at some seasonal parties, I’ve wound up drinking them because my only other option was insanely thick eggnog that would definitely lead me to vomit a little.

So instead of creating a whole bunch of candy cane-infused, spearmint, leafy holiday drinks, we’re going to show you a few delightful cocktails you can make at home or at parties that do not taste like peppermint, but still pack all the seasonal charm you’re looking for.

Photo: Blueyeda73 / Flickr[ITPGallery]