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I posted earlier this week that an online reality competition series will feature men whose goal it is to be the perfect Ken to your Barbie.  Now, in other creepy Barbie news, I just found out about this new Barbie, named Barbie Video Girl, that contains a camera on Barbie’s necklace, so you can see the world through her eyes.  An Amazon review claims this Barbie “is a real, working, video camera, creates movies from Barbie’s point of view, has real time playback, has 25+ minutes of recording time, and has a full color LCD screen.”  The LCD screen is on her back, so you’re basically watching TV on your doll, which, to most kids, equals big fun. This Barbie is already topping holiday wish lists.  However, many parents are concerned, and with good reason:  with this new Barbie, kids can take the footage they have filmed and upload it to, and share it on, the Internet.  According to Gather, parents are calling for a boycott of  this doll, because they are afraid pedophiles will use it as a “potentially pornographic tool.”

I’m not sure how I feel about this doll.  The adult in me says, “Creepy!”  But the Barbie-loving girly girl that once lived in me says, “Cool!”  I definitely think it could be used in pornographic ways, but I also see why a 6-year-old would want it.  When I used to play with Barbies, it would feel like I was making a movie with the scenarios I played out and the characters I chose, so I would probably love to record an actual movie with it. However, I think the part where you’re able to upload videos to the Internet and share them is creepy, and could definitely be used inappropriately.  Then again, maybe I didn’t go online that much when I was in single-digits, but kids today do.  It’s a different time period and maybe we need to become more comfortable with younger children (safely) using the Internet.

What do you all think?