In a recent interview with Playboy, Krysten Ritter — who plays the title character “Don’t Trust the B– In Apt. 23” — describes herself as not the marrying type. Specifically:

I was never the little girl who dreamed about a wedding or a big white dress. It was never my thing, but I don’t think I’m sour on marriage. I just don’t know if I’m the type. Marriage seems scary to me. I’m in a serious relationship. We have a dog together. We live five minutes from each other. It’s heaven. I think that might be the key: separate houses, separate bank accounts. Why mess with that?

So. Ritter makes a good point — marriage is fucking scary. It is, theoretically, a lifelong commitment. Horrifying, really. But I wonder if there really is a marrying “type” or just a person who happens to meet another person with whom they are willing to make the kind of unfathomable leap of faith required to enter into holy matrimony.

I tend to think that the urge to get married could come along at any time, for no particular rhyme or reason. I also think it can go away. Speaking as a person who wanted to get married about six months ago and now has absolutely zero interest in the institution, I am tempted to say that it’s even arrogant to say that there are marrying types and not marrying types — not because Ritter or anyone else doesn’t know themselves or shouldn’t know themselves, but because we really don’t know what “type” anyone else is, and to try to categorize them based on what they want at any given moment seems unfair. Shit can change in a matter of days, people. DAYS.

What do you think?