And it is worth it.

A man named Hosh Ibrahim had the winning bid at a charity auction in London last year. Twelve months after paying up, he finally received his prize, a kiss from supermodel Kate Moss. The money went to support the children’s hospital at the Bloomsbury Ballroom in Central London. Moss’ boyfriend, Kills lead singer Jamie Hince, was there to witness the kiss – awkward.

The Times of London has (short, non-embeddable) video here.

For those of you who don’t use the pound, here’s a guide to how much it costs to kiss Kate Moss in various currencies:

US Dollar = 7,411

Canadian Dollar = 7,594

The Euro = 5,577

Swiss Francs = 7,954

Mexican Peso = 92,545

Israeli Shekel = 27,770

Japanese Yen = 686,787

Australian Dollar = 8,159

Saudi Arabian Riyal = 27,790