A geek is described as someone who is “highly intelligent – brainy –  and technically oriented.” We may not all know how to write programming language (true confession: I have no idea what Linux is) but I think there are some aspects of geekdom that we can all appreciate. Here at The Gloss, we love:

Oversized, Vintage Grandma Glasses: I’m obsessed with finding the pair that will make me sacrifice my contact lenses and prove to myself that peope do make passes at girls who wear glasses. I mean, at least construction workers. Someone. I’m sure some people do.

Lost: I’ve never seen it. It was Lilit’s pick. I asked her to justify it and she just said “actually, I hated the finale.” I probably should have followed up, but I was busy drinking coffee flavored with Stoli Gala Apple vodka. It’s that kind of day.

The Kindle: Extra good intern Taylor says that she loves reading and likes having al her books in one place.

Vampires: Marketing and sales specialist Lisa wants everyone to know that she liked them first, before they became a trend. Before Buffy, even. There weren’t shows, then. There were just books. Like Dracula. And movies. Like Dracula.

The Apple Store Double Plus Good Intern Julia points it’s basically an enormous toystore where you can hang out and play with things and then walk away and not buy anything.

Dystopian Novels: Show me any novel that takes place in a horrible futuistic landscape, and I will show you a novel I can curl up in bed with for hours.

Zombie Anything: I have an absolutely mad crush on Max Brooks, and when World War Z becomes a movie, I fully intend to camp out in line. Until then, I like to work a vigorous exercise program. You can keep your body and brain intact with Zombiefit!

King Arthur: Lisa and I have both read La Morte D’Artur in Old English.

Beowulf: I attempted to teach myself “the language of the Saxons” by getting a copy of Beowulf that had it on one side of the page, and regular English on the other. Pwat Hawat Gut Cyring. That means “I’m cool” in Old English.

Renaissance Faires: Fried coca-cola, okay? Also, fried cheese. And fried cheesecake. And fried happiness.

The Internets According to Lilit “it’s given me everything in my life that I like. Like a job! And I don’t get ink under my fingernails anymore.” Me too!

Star Wars: Elizabeth Richard feels that we have already publicly exploited her Star Wars fandom. It’s only because her Jawa impression is so good.

What geeky things do you love?