In a move that probably surprised no one but charmed everyone, Jennifer Lawrence had a near red carpet fall this weekend at the premiere of her new movie, X-Men: Days of Future Past. In light of this, I’m thinking her falls can’t possibly be an act, because at this point it’s outright dangerous. Nobody falls this much just for the PR.

It was a set of stairs that took Lawrence down, but luckily two assistant-types caught her before it turned into a full Oscars-worthy fall. You’ll remember, of course, that Lawrence fell at both the 2014 Oscars and 2013 Oscars, which added to the lovable klutz persona that she’s known for. In fact, she just gave an interview last week about her famous goofiness, and said she was trying to tone it down. I hope she doesn’t–I like that she can’t walk in heels. I certainly can’t.

In all honesty, I truly don’t understand how this doesn’t happen more often–these actresses wear shockingly high heels and floor length gowns. It would seem to be a statistical improbability that more trips and falls don’t happen on the red carpet, or maybe they do and they just aren’t reported as intensely as Lawrence’s (certainly, photographers are specifically focused on Lawrence from the moment she arrives at events, awaiting any teetering). Either way, event organizers really should consider adding a layer of padding or guard rails on red carpets, because people in a long dresses and high heels make the perfect recipe for one hell of a safety hazard.

Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images