Well, it’s finally happened. GQ — the  pinnacle of men’s fashion magazines, the glossy that prides itself on being the expert when it comes to cufflinks and alligator shoes — has tapped none other than the “Jersey Shore” boys to demonstrate appropriate behavior and attire for the gym:

“…whether you’ve been wearing tattoo-print pants with fire-breathing dragons or pit-stained, moth-eaten T-shirts from college, it’s time you toned your workout wardrobe. Here, we help Pauly, Vinny, Ronnie, and Mike address the, um, situation with a new breed of simplified sportswear…”
“A new breed of simplified sportswear!” It sounds so dignified. Which is not, necessarily, the word that springs to mind when I think of the” Jersey Shore” guys. But hey, what do I know about men’s fashion? (Very little, in case you were wondering).
Also, you should probably know that Pauly D is now going by DJ Pauly D, as in:

Let’s say you’re taking a girl on a cruise tomorrow morning and you have two hours of free time today. Gym or tanning bed?

All together: Ooooh!
DJ Pauly D: Tanning bed. You look more toned when you’re tan.
The Situation: Gonna have to say the gym. Just get tan on the boat.