Veteran Australian actor John Jarratt thinks that really, Mel Gibson punching his girlfriend because “she deserved it” and threatening to kill her because she didn’t blow him enough, and planning to bury her in the rose garden the “wetback” workers tended to all comes down to one simple factor: his girlfriend being an awful person.

He told Perth Now:

“The despicable person in this is the woman, who has disgustingly taped this guy because he’s extremely famous and tried to ruin his life,” Jarratt said.She has taped an argument they are having in an acrimonious split – something that happened behind closed doors – and he’s been made a mockery of. It’s disgusting.”

Which is, perhaps, a fair point, though I think if tapes of Mel Gibson weren’t released, most of us would have a hard time believing how nasty he really was. Just because it’s hard to believe anyone so popular is quite that nasty. Jarret then goes on to say:

“It’s not like he has come out in public and said all these nasty things. He was drunk! like none of us have been?”

Yes, John Jarratt, I’m sure most of us have been drunk. It has not made most of us call people wetbacks. Because being drunk does not give you Tourettes.

“If my daughter went into the Outback in a pair of hot pants, I would say, ‘Be careful you don’t get raped by a bunch of rednecks’. That doesn’t mean everyone in the Outback is a redneck.”

So, I guess when Mel Gibson said that his girlfriend was going to be “raped by a pack of niggers” he meant that… only some black people are niggers?  Wait, I think what I meant was “no one deserves to get raped, regardless of what they’re wearing.” Yes. That’s what I meant.

We can certainly understand the impulse for people to want to defend their friends, but I think in this case, John Jarratt only succeeds in making himself look as bad as Mel Gibson.