In a recent interview, 15-year-old Joshua Moore (who plays one of the millions of Scavo kids, Parker…post five-year jump) talked about the show, his career, and where he thinks the creators will take his character.


Parker’s sort of a marginal character on the series. Before the five-year jump, he had one of my favorite scenes of the series — the show-me-your-vagina-for-a-fudgsicle scene with Mrs. McCluskey. Back then, he was played by Zane Huett, who is oddly only two years younger than Joshua Moore is. But they’ve done a good consistent job of giving each of the Scavo kids (except, oddly, Penny…who we don’t see much of??) personality traits from both of their parents. Parker, now, has become the smartass punchline character, and Joshua knows it, too.

“I feel like my dialogue lately has been really good, my witty one-liners. With our family (the Scavo’s), each of us plays a really important part. I can’t envision the family without one of us,” he told

Joshua does your average teenager stuff when he’s not filming — playing guitar, chillin’ with friends and going to movies. The Temple, Texas native has a special interest in comedy, too.

“I like to do comedic things, roles,” he said. “The stand-up comedy I loved, but it was so nerve-wracking, that was like torture.”

And even though there’s a bit of an age difference, he says he likes hanging out with the older kids on set: Charlie and Max Carver, the twins who play the Baby Matt Damons, Porter and Preston (they’re 21), Beau Mirchoff, who plays Danny Bolen (he’s 20) and Maiara Walsh, who plays Ana Solis (also 21).

I’m sensing some cliques onset. What about Juanita and Celia Solis (played by Madison De La Garza and Daniella Baltodano, respectively)? And MJ Delfino (played by Mason Vale Cotton)?

Joshua didn’t have much for us in the way of spoilers (“I’m still finding out myself.”), but it still was nice to hear from him. This truly is a full ensemble cast — and we forget that sometimes, y’know? Lynette might not be as funny without her hooligan sons to bounce jokes off of.

And now, for your Parker Scavo moment of the day:
“Hey, um, I’m not bragging, and I don’t recommend it, but you could so eat out of your downstairs toilet,” Parker says after Ana Solis gets the Scavo boys to do her chores.

Image: CTV