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While I love the costume element of Halloween, I could very much do without the scary elements because I am a big-time scaredy cat. One suspicious noise and I am convinced that something creepy is lurking nearby – not that I am leaving the safety zone under my covers to investigate…

Well speaking of scaredy cats, we should not ignore the very real truth that cats (yes, adorable little cats) can be the ones doing the scaring. Need proof? The supercut pros at Slacktory have compiled all those moments when pop culture characters were freaking out about something in the shadows, only to realize it was “just a cat.”

There’s a whole range of cat scares here, from actual scary movies that included the trope to TV staples like Star Trek and Community. There’s even kind of an edgy joke from NCIS in the mix! Truly though, the best part is that you can actually enjoy this supercut since you know upfront that the “scary thing” in each clip will always just be a cat. Phew!

(via ViralViralVideos)