Calling all Thursday drinkers: this is the best thing that will ever happen to your Friday mornings. Get in the car, kids–we’re going for a ride. Well, we’re going for a ride to the airport, where we’ll sweat our way through security then binge eat at our gates, then go for a booze-filled plane ride to London because THAT’S WHERE IT’S ALL AT, GUYS. There’s apparently a new service there where hungover riders can get tons of help for their pain.

“Kab U To Work” has a simple concept: it gets you to work and helps stop the misery of last night’s mistakes. In addition to being brought to work in a cab as opposed to the crowded subway, riders receive a bowl of hot Kabuto noodle soup and fresh orange juice. And to avoid you being visibly (and fragrantly) drunk, Kab U To Work also supplies you with paracetamol, breath mints and sunglasses. No word on if it calls your local bartender to apologize for asking him to prom or tell your one night stand to GTFO of your apartment.

I only really have two issues with this service: the uncreative creative spelling of its name and the fact that it’s only in London.

According to Crispin Buck, founder of Kab U To Work and owner of the world’s most excellently cartoon-like name, he was inspired by a common hangover cure:

“We wanted to take this a little bit further and provide the ultimate hangover service. Kabuto Noodles is the perfect snack for those with a busy lifestyle and with the hectic Christmas season in full swing we know that people need a helping hand…

“What could be more convenient when you’re hungover than a door-to-door taxi service and a Kabuto Hangover Pack to get you back to your desk in a fit enough state to face your inbox and your colleagues (who may or may not have appreciated your rendition of Mariah Carey from the night before…)?’

As you may have been able to tell via my hangover makeup tutorial a while back, I hate the day after drinking. The headache, the stomach pain, the heartburn, the acid reflux, the exhaustion…it’s awful. And it’s all your own/my own fault. But some people have got that shit so, so under control, it’s not even fair.

A couple years ago on my birthday, I was in Las Vegas with one of my best friends and we met some guys who wound up being pretty rad to hang out with. When we mentioned how awful we knew our flight would be the next day given our state of drunkenness, the men informed us that when they woke up, their entire suite would be visited by nurses who would give the guys vitamin IVs, massages and other hangover helpers. And that is how I found out that rich people do not experience hangovers like the rest of us! For somebody who has horrible acid reflux and migraines, this sounded like an incredibly awesome option–if I were ever willing/able to shell out more than the $4 I very reluctantly drop on my post-partying smoothie.