Victoria's Secret Supermodels Bikini Photo Shoot

This past weekend was the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show in Miami. Supermodels dazzled the runway with some gorgeous lingerie, as well as heated up the beaches in their bikinis. One model in particular drew some attention because of her unusual belly button and that was Karolina Kurkova (picture above second from the left).

Onlookers were a little perplexed by unusual belly button, which is actually almost non-existent. A fashion insider told Page Six, "Karolina’s body is amazing, but her belly button is unusual. It disappears in photos, so we keep a collection of belly button shots in different positions, and Photoshop them on to her whenever she’s doing a bikini picture."

Kurkova was recently named one of the most in-demand models, who hopes to cross over into acting. Her popularity definitely has no signs of slowing down.