Kate Middleton debuts baby bump in London

The UK tabloids have finally gone and done it–they’ve caught the Duchess of Cambridge with a baby in her. Yes, Kate Middleton was spotted shopping this past week and she is, indeed, visibly pregnant. Her maternity style, it’s worth noting, is better than Kim Kardashian‘s. Still.

As you can see from this grainy screenshot of NBC’s baby bump frenzy coverage, Middleton has a baby swimming around in there and we can finally see it:

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 11.26.03 AMSome mighty fine screencapping, is it not?

Here are the corresponding moving pictures, if you desire video:

As for why the Duchess was out and about (as opposed to chained to some kind of pregnancy Lazarus chamber in the bowels of Buckingham Palace), US Weekly has details:

Visiting a Boots store in West London, the Duchess of Cambridge sported a noticeably growing belly — which she attempted to conceal with a tartan shawl — and a fuller face. Prince William‘s wife stayed warm during the outing with a scarf, black leggings and boots.

Due in July, the Duchess, now fully recovered from the acute morning sickness that plagued the early days of her pregnancy, is now “arranging meetings with the charities she is involved with and planning future engagements before the baby is born,” a royal source told Us Weekly. “She wants to keep herself busy now that she is feeling better.”

And now, for the day’s single moment without irony, we’re just going to say we’re glad she’s not cripplingly ill anymore, because that shit sounded horrible.

Also! …Capes! Still a thing.

(via US Weekly, main photo with Wenn)