Kate Middleton is gaining likability points left and right on her New Zealand tour. Not only did she just play a game of cricket in high heels while making absurd faces that made us want to go out for cocktails with her, but she just photobombed some dude’s selfie. If she keeps this up, she could surpass Jennifer Lawrence on the Imaginary BFF scale of Celebrity Likability.

Reddit user stasechatus posted the picture, saying that Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, totally photobombed his “mate’s little brother” while he was taking a selfie in the crowd in Chirstchurch, New Zealand, on Monday. Kate Middleton looks a little confused about whether she’s going for a high-five, a fist-bump, or just giving a fancy royal wave, but she looks pretty happy. So does the kid who doesn’t know he’s about to become the official Earl of Selfies by catching the future Queen of England in his viewfinder.

Prince William took a royal selfie with a teenage fan earlier this year, but his wife clearly wins the selfie wars by appearing via photobomb. And as celebrity photobombs go, this beats Emma Thompson. In fact, it even beats Beyoncé. Kate Middleton may have just taken the best celebrity photobomb of all time and cemented her position as the Queen of all Photobombs.

Long live the queen.

H/T Buzzfeed

(Photo: Reddit)