Kerry Washington attends the 'Late Show With David Letterman', N


Besides getting permission to touch Kerry Washington on a regular basis, it turns out there are other major benefits of being part of her beauty squad. The gorgeous Django Unchained star handed out Christmas presents to her hair and makeup people… and those presents were vacuum cleaners. She bought them all high-power vacuum cleaners because she is sunshine personified and of course she did. According to Us Weekly,

Washington chose the Dyson DC47 Animal Canister for the four-person hair, makeup, and style team behind her red carpet looks. (The vacuums retail at Amazon for $359.99.) To attentive fans, it comes as no surprise she selected a model with technology specifically created to pick up stray pet fur and microscopic dirt. The Scandal star, 36, totes her pup, Josie— whom she describes as ‘pretty down to earth’ and ‘full of love’ to Glamour mag– to photo shoots, fittings and even to set.

I don’t know what’s cuter– the fact that she refers to her dog as “down to earth” (as if her Shorkie is also an Emmy-nominated actress in her own right), or the fact that this article just reminded me that Josie Washington has her own Twitter account, on which she updates her fans about life on the Scandal set and frequently retweets her mom. Come to think, Kerry and Josie are probably my favorite Hollywood power couple.

@JosietheShorkie on Twitter

@JosietheShorkie on Twitter

Also, can we talk about the whole vacuum thing? You’d think my hatred for traditional gender roles would lead me to avoid cleansing my carpet on a regular basis, but I just can’t think of anything I enjoy more than toting around a Shop-Vac and feeling like an exceptionally clean Ghost Buster. A 400-dollar Dyson is a phenomenal present.

Now I’m fantasizing about spending a Saturday afternoon vacuuming with Kerry Washington while her dog and my cat cuddle up on a dust-free, immaculate sofa. Too cute. Too much to handle.