Ever since Kim Kardashian gave birth to Baby Yeezus North West last year, it has been difficult to go longer than a few days without hearing something about the kid. What’s kind of awesome is that finally, this means that Kim and Kanye West are in the news for something other than their egos and peekaboo cleavage, but it also means that my biological clock is ticking like crazy.

So, it was no surprised that when Kim posted the above photo of Nori on her Instagram, I instantaneously got all dawwww at my desk. Every photo so far of the baby has been adorable, including the recent one with Penelope Disick, Kim’s sister Kourtney‘s daughter with Patrick Bateman’s wonky clone, Scott Disick.

Kim posted the picture 4 hours ago along with the caption, “Good morning,” to which my immediate reaction was one of irritation that she considered 12 PM to be “morning” until I remember that whole “Pacific Standard Time” thing. Anyway, it is an adorable photo of mother and daughter, though I cannot help but imagine Kim someday telling her kids the story of how her first public mother-daughter pic received 631K “likes” in its first hour hours of existence. To be fair, I will someday laugh while recalling the concepts of MySpace angles and LiveJournal entries as they quietly ignore me while playing on their flying mind computers.

Yes, Kim Kardashian can be a terribly annoying celebrity in a wide variety of manners, but it still sucks that a great deal of pop culture websites and tabloids have focused so much on her post-baby body (and what she has supposedly been doing to it). One of the more amusing things about this Instagram photo is how many people have accused her of cropping out North due to selfishness or self-centeredness, but maybe she just didn’t want to post a photo of her sleeping baby today? I mean, it’s not like people are obligated to frame their kid precisely to your viewing pleasure’s likings. Granted, if any celebrity would be willing to sign a contract for that type of deal, it would be Kris Jenner. Oh, wait.