The stars, they’re just like us. They have awkward phases too.

Well, not Kim Kardashian, apparently. The head Kardashian recently Instagrammed an old picture of herself with BFF Nicole Richie at age 13.

“#ThrowbackThursday,” she said. “@nicolerichie and I being oh so cool at 13 years old.”

The fact that Kardashian and Richie were best friends at 13 reminds us that both Kardashian and Richie started their careers as basically random socialite hangers-on to Paris Hilton during her heyday, but now they’re both way more famous than she is. That seems like a good thing. Richie is off inoffensively doing her fashion design thing, and as annoying as Kardashian can be, she still seems like the lesser evil when compared with 2000s-era Paris Hilton.

As for the throwback image of Richie and Kardashian as completely normal, super rich teenagers, it’s not quite the glorious example of 1994 style we were hoping for, but it’s pretty cute. Kardashian looks gorgeous in a “definitely the most popular girl in school” sort of way. Even her teeth were perfect! Richie, on the other hand, looks adorable with a mouth full of metal braces.

Personally, I find myself surprised by her metal braces. She seems like the type who would have had clear bracket braces back then.

I am not at all surprised to see that Kim Kardashian never had an awkward phase. She probably had a blow-out and a manicure for her second birthday.

Nicole Richie looked a bit more like how we remember normal teenagers looking, but now she looks like this:

nicole richie