While there is an infinite number of things to be depressed about when thinking of what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School, one of the aspects that has shocked and appalled me the most is the way that many people have been callous, insensitive and just general jerks in their discussions of the topic. The Westboro Baptist Church will be picketing their funerals. Victoria Jackson blamed the tragedy on abortion. And now, some asshole has decided that in order to get his point across that he supports the Second Amendment, he should threaten to shoot up some schools himself. Oh, and cheer on the killer, Adam Lanza.

Korrey Martinson, 19, posted the following statement on Facebook:

Korry Martinson - Sandy Hook



So Martinson, who lives in Skagit County, Washington, threatened to kill more children (that’s who attends schools, after all), and also thanked “the man who did this.” “This” being “murdered 27 people.” What is wrong with people? That has literally been the only question I’ve been asking myself over and over and over the past few days. What is wrong with people?

Oh, and he apparently posted this in “Competition for the most hottest teens <3” on Facebook, which is not only grammatically incorrect, it’s also a fucking absurd outlet to pour your innermost death threat thoughts. (Next time, try Livejournal.) (No, wait, just don’t threaten people in any way. Ever.)

Fortunately, he turned himself in to police after they had searched for him over the past weekend. As was pointed out by Ian Chant, in a nice little twist of irony, Martinson may be convicted of a felony — which would make it extremely difficult for him to have firearm rights whatsoever. High-five, legal system!

[via Geekosystem]