The Kardashians have a habit of confusing the simplest of tasks. And in Sunday night’s season premiere episode of Kourtney And Kim Take New York, the pair let the cameras into their home to film them taking a naked yoga class. Naked yoga, as you might expect, is “the practice of yoga without clothes.” Except, as Kim and Kourtney practice it, they wear clothes. And let their naked instructor rub his junk all over them instead. Of course!

Naked yoga is supposed to help relieve stress by removing all the tensions of tight clothing, and help the participant on the road to body acceptance. Of course, that’s a little hard when you’ve got E! cameras focusing on your every crevice. Which is why Kim apparently decides to take naked yoga completely clothed. Kourtney went a little further, hanging out in a bra and thong. But really the only naked person involved in this class was the instructor,  who apparently got to free ball with a bunch of scantily dressed, impressionable Kardashians and their friends. Not a bad gig, if you can get it. [tagbox tag=”the kardashians”]

But according to The Daily Mail, which has conveniently summarized the entire episode so you never have to watch this Kardashian Katastrophe, the presence of said naked dude in the Kardashian home did not much please Kris Humphries, Kim’s briefly kept spouse.

He declared that the situation was disgusting, which prompted Kim to inform Humphries:

“You are so immature I can’t take it.”

Poor Kris Humphries. If he was more cultured, he would totally understand that naked men being filmed while wandering around his home is a totally natural, normal thing to be going on while he’s out for a run. How did this marriage fall APART?

(Photo: Daily Mail)