Lady Gaga is obviously one of the most amazing pop stars out there. In the name of her art, she has donned fresh meat, declined food and posted naked and half-naked images of herself in order to inspire her fans towards honesty.

But now, she’s outdone even herself — during a concert in Spain, the singer puked not once, not twice but three times, mid-song, then kept dancing like nothing at all had gone down.

In regular folks’ terms, this is what we call a “boot n’ rally.” If you’ve never heard that before, it’s pretty much what it sounds like — you throw up, then you keep going. It’s not easy to do and it usually only happens when you’re drunk, because really, why else would you not boot then go to bed?

But Gaga’s not a regular person — she’s a superstar, and the show must go on. So when she found herself losing her lunch off the back of the stage, she simply puked, tossed her hair, then continued performing. It was fucking epic.

So here, for those who need it, a series of stills demonstrating how to execute a perfect boot n’ rally. Good luck to you in trying to imitate it.

Photos via YouTube