A topless Lady Gaga was hanging out with a corseted Donatella Versace in Milan recently, when Terry Richardson heard there was casual nudity afoot and took a photo. This isn’t terribly strange–Richardson has snapped Gaga peeing, after all, and he recently shot a series of her in various states of undress for her Body Revolution–nor is it the first time we’ve seen her topless, though it is one of the more candid times. It was posted to her website by Richardson with the caption, “Donatella and Lady Gaga in one of Gianni’s bathrooms.” You can, of course, see Gaga’s nipple. Hopefully this has been a fulfilling read.

Gaga was recently in Milan to wear Elizabeth Hurley‘s safety pin dress and probably save art and other stuff.

Here’s the unedited version:

Lady Gaga topless with Donatella Versace by Terry Richardson