Lena Dunham's new Glamour cover is her best yet.

When Lena Dunham‘s Vogue cover came out at the beginning of the year, we thought it was absolutely adorable and, for me at least, that it was her loveliest so far. But then I spotted her new Glamour cover and–whoa, girl. Talk about gorgeous.

The cover features Lena looking super fly in a dress by Rag & Bone paired with her smooth bob, gorgeous complexion and perfect cat-eye makeup. While I wish she would stop doing that pseudo-surprised open-mouth expression every celebrity and model ever seems to pop on their faces upon being photographed, I think this cover is a serious win.

My favorite part of the shot is how the cover frames her arm tattoo beautifully. Lately, we have been super happy to see an increasing number of magazines embracing body art on celebrities rather than covering it up with makeup, photoshop or angling. Instead of being seen as a flaw or mistake requiring a good ol’ edit out of the picture, tattoos are now on the cover of giant fashion magazines like Glamour and, as we wrote about recentlyBrides with Hayden Panettiere.

Lena Dunham April 2014 Glamour

Plus, the shoot itself features Dunham looking super hot in Prada. And while I’ll only touch on the “different-than-typical-model-body-shape” shape momentarily, I do feel it’s worth noting that non-standard models do not usually get posed this way. The “model hunch” pose is almost exclusively reserved to, well, models (not even actresses, honestly) and so that gives the photos an added dose of cool.

Yesterday, I admit I was none-too-pleased with Lena’s molestation joke on Twitter, but as I said when it happened, I’m just glad she apologized and took responsibility for her mistake. And while we may not love everything she does (but honestly, there are like five celebrities who are on the Can Do No Wrong list and Tilda Swinton appears on it twice), it is still great to see her bridge the gap between acting and fashion so well.

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