OK, so there was the kiss between Gaby and Susan…which was a whole lot of hype, very little hot, and nothing more than an attempt to entice a husband or two to watch the show.

That’s NOT what we devoted fans need to see on our beloved show.

Dana Delany has said her character, Katherine, will not just give Robin (the stripper with a heart of gold played by “Dexter”‘s Julie Benz) a quick kiss. They’ll have an actual makeout … and maybe more?

I really, really like this turn for Katherine and hope it’s a real relationship. I think her story run its course, and she’s seeing help for her, you know, issues (is that an understatement? Yes? No? Mooooving on…). I think maybe she’ll realize some of that comes from her attraction to women?

One more important question: WWBS???? (What would Bree say????)

Image: Bauer Griffin