Princess Mary is awarded the rank of lieutenant in the Danish Home Guard on February 19, 2009.

Denmark’s Crown Princess Mary is now a lieutenant in the Danish Home Guard. The lovely and elegant princess has put in her time and training to become a ranked officer.

The Home Guard is a volunteer unit of the Danish military that is tasked with domestic security. Princess Mary joined the unit last year and received basic training in weapon use and care, basic first aid, marching drills, signalling, fire-fighting and rescue. She went on to officer school for additional training in security and surveillance command. Princess Mary’s attachment will be the Total Defence Region Copenhagen.

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Even in regulation military gear, Princess Mary still manages to look exceptionally lovely.


And here’s a little detail that is we don’t usually see in military uniforms. Her nameplate simply says “Crown Princess Mary”:


Princess Mary joins the other members of the Danish royal family who have successfully completed military training. Queen Margrethe and Princess Benedikte both served in the Home Guard. Prince Joachim remains active in the defense reserves. Princess Mary’s husband Crown Prince Frederik has completed training in the naval, armed and air forces, including the elite Frogman Corps.

via: Copenhagen Post; Images: Bauer-Griffin