lindsay lohan

It’s really sad, you guys. There is basically nothing in Lindsay Lohan’s apartment but sadness and Chanel bags.

The reason we know this is that Lindsay is appearing on an upcoming episode of Million Dollar Decorator as a “high end client” although it sounds like Bravo has footed the $200 thousand dollar renovation bill. For her unbelievably sad, never decorated apartment.

Which seems surprising given that… well, I expected more. Probably the saddest things, in order are:

1) The fact that she has a bunch of $7,000 handbags alone and bereft in one corner, never hung up. Or put away in a closet. They are like urchin handbags.

2) The bed. I think I always assumed that Lindsay Lohan slept in some sort of massive sleighbed. Or a coffin? One of those two things.

3) The fact that Lindsay Lohan does not look fresh faced and delighted about having her apartment redecorated. Frankly, she looks like someone who is deeply in debt and really, really tired. Just really, really tired, and has kind of a shoddy bed to sleep in.

4) According to Kathy Ireland, the decorator

‘I didn’t know who she was when I met her…

‘It was only when she said to her sister, ‘Wouldn’t you love a mother like her?’ that I thought ‘How rude’ and turned to someone and [asked who she was].’

Well, that is sad and awful.

I guess we all knew that Lindsay Lohan was not in the best life place right now (because of, well, because of absolutely everything, frankly) but her apartment just seems to remind you that being a movie star does not mean you are going to have a fabulous beautiful life.

So, the American dream is dead, pretty much.

You can go here to see all the pictures of Lindsay Lohan’s sad apartment before the renovation.


Picture via Josiah True/