Just kidding! But this person is hilarious. I literally can not stop myself with Lindsay Lohan posts today. Somebody else shares my obsession with the troubled young woman and decided to create a fake Twitter account pretending to be Lindsay tweeting about/from jail. I’m no fan of identity theft, but this is quality humor. Some of my favorite tweets:


“ok time to leave.. i’ve hidden my phone in a place only @samantharonson can find. at least it’s on vibrate..”-3 hours ago

“Spending my last day of freedom in a tanning bed. My only chance of survival is if my skin blends in with the orange jumpsuit.”-22 hours ago

“Sober Living House, Day 2: Last night we played Twister. It was the first time I’ve ever played it coherent or clothed.” – July 16

“Ew why are they selling #freelindsay shirts in L and XL? No one listens to fat people” – July 14

“My new legal team has an air tight defense: it was actually Jamie Lee Curtis not me driving drunk. She was just stuck in my body”-July 10

I could go on. Those were just a few of my favorites. Check it out for yourself before it gets taken down. Fake Lindsay is so much cooler than Real Lindsay.