David Beckham might be following his wife Victoria into the fashion industry and doing a line of men’s suits. What about a collection of uniforms? – Grazia

Pedicures where live fish nibble at your feet to remove dead skin might be banned in New York. First they came for the tanning beds, and now this? – Bloomberg

Mad Men costume designer Jamie Lambert, who has a collection of her own coming out later this year, will also be doing marketing for Maidenform. Life imitating art? – WWD [subscription required]

Chelsea Clinton got married in a custom Vera Wang dress. Her groom wore a Burberry suit and a yarmulke, or, as my high school boyfriend used to call them, “those little Jew hats.” – Us Weekly

Former Liberian ruler Charles Taylor is trying to delay testimony by Naomi Campbell, to whom he allegedly gave a blood diamond. Campbell, shockingly, has been uncooperative and had to be subpoenaed. – Associated Press

Missoni creative director Angela Missoni says she might be stepping down within the next two years and that she expects Margherita Missoni to take over. Missoni Missoni Missoni. – Vogue UK