Lindsay Lohan wrote a freelance piece for BlackBook about – what else? – Marilyn Monroe. She also plugged her leggings line, 6126. In other news, we are going to blow our entire budget hiring Katy Perry to write about Veronica Lake. – BlackBook

A recent archaeological dig suggests that the ancient Romans wore socks with sandals. Please insert the “tacky British tourists” joke of your choice here. – Telegraph

Everybody wants in on Fashion Week… even hotels. The W Hotel in New York will have selected outfits available for purchase by guests. Please, please let this mean they make models wear dresses made out of pillowcases and room fixtures. – USA Today

Now, you don’t have to drive to New Hampshire for outlet shopping – J.Crew is putting their outlet stuff online. – Wall Street Journal

Is megaconglomerate LVMH going to buy Rodarte? – WWD [subscription required]

Jessica Simpson is planning to use “real women” on the runway during her Fashion Week show. Perhaps she would like to read this article before she throws around the term “real women”? – StyleList