Terry Richardson is shooting Doutzen Kroes for American Vogue immediately after shooting for Vogue Paris. Because honestly, the fashion industry just doesn’t care about sexual harassment all that much. – Fashionologie

It looks as though Victoria Beckham ripped off a column dress designed by Osman Yousefzada, and he was left awkwardly talking about how great it is to have Victoria Beckham copy your designs. –  Vogue UK

Aaron Eckhart is shooting Molly Sim’s new jewelery line, and says fashion photography “is really the only thing I think about… I’m really just a photography geek” – People/StyleWatch

Anna Wintour + Roger Federer = TRUE LOVE FOREVER – Daily Front Row/Chic Report

Fashionista has a list of their favorite sex toys, from bondage ropes to love bumpers – Fashionista