Turns out no one is safe from cosmetic alterations: apparently, the famous bust of Nefertiti was given a makeover by the sculptor. – The Asian Age

Julia Roberts has renewed her beauty contract with Lancome for more than $30 million. In other news, I found a quarter in my jeans pocket this morning! – Daily Mail

You already knew that colds sucked. But did you know they might also make you fat? Drink your juice, everybody. – Glamour

Even fashion royalty isn’t exempt from airline disaster: US Airways reportedly lost $50,000 worth of Giorgio Gucci’s luggage, which included many vintage and custom-made bags. – Styleite

L’Oreal has “ended their relationship” with a male employee accused of manipulating company heiress Liliane Betancourt into giving him almost $1 billion in gifts. – BusinessWeek

You don’t have to be tall to rock tall boots. – College Fashion

What happens when a mall bans unaccompanied teenagers? Their sales go up, apparently. Why was Cher Horowitz not invited to comment? – ABC