“Desperate Housewives”: “The Glamorous Life”
Original air date: Jan. 31, 2009

We missed “Desperate Housewives” last week, and this week, we’re competing with our love of too-long awards shows. So we’re going to be watching the Grammys right until 8:59…and flip over OMGREALLYFAST.

Erin’s here, (Not)Neighbor Peggy is here. It’s on. (And, of course, follow me on the Twits @DesperateBlog)


9:02: I reeeeaally don’t care about Orson in a wheelchair. This storyline doesn’t interest me. And I had gotten used to Bree and Karl…
9:02: Orson and Bree? Just seem awkwardly matched now.
9:03: P.S. Orson’s giving away things? Telltale sign of suicide. Little TOO obvious, guys?
9:03: OMG, I love lines like this from Mary Alice: “…because her husband had decided to kill himself.” Think it’s going to happen?
9:04: I really wish Angie would dress more like Snooki from Jersey Shore. It seems like she should. Am I wrong on this?
9:05: I love how the “SEEEEND IN THE CLONE!” woman from Austin Powers is a neighbor now?
9:05: “Is Angie Bolen the sixth Captain Planet character now?” –Peggy
9:06: “We don’t talk about Patrick anymore.” –Nick. YES WE DO. TALK ABOUT PATRICK . TALK. GO.
9:06: Oh man, Rita!!
9:07: I did NOT expect her to make such a good stripper! She’s so sweet and innocent on Dexter….
9:09: Is there some tension with Daphne and Tom?? Am I imagining that?
9:10: He left his keys. This isn’t going to be good. Daphne and Tom alone?
9:11: I just turned to Erin: “Am I making up this sexual tension??” “No. No you’re not.”
9:11: Who writes for Gaby?? “Just a couple of teenagers alone with their genitals.”
9:13: Yep, suicide note…
9:14: The last few episodes have been HILARIOUS. Funnier than usual? Good writing, DH Gods. Good writing.
9:17: So I ran into the kitchen to get some wine during the break. This is how I knew we were back from commercial: “BOX OF CONDOMS ON THE TABLE!” –Peggy
9:17: Ahh, the double standard for boys vs. girls having sex as teenagers. Or any agers.
9:17: “She’s YOUR trampy niece!” –Gaby
9:18: I’m sorry…Susan is Robin/Rita’s role model? Susan is anyone’s role model…?
9:19: “Apparently there was a boob job and a bad relationship and the rising cost of glitter…” –Susan.
9:20: Peggy — who’s a teacher — is angry that Robin’s getting a job with kids “without credentials.”

9:20: Roy reminds me of Dick Van Dyke.
9:26: Orson’s making Bree tell him she loves him. She doesn’t. That sorta hurts?
9:30: Ana and Gaby have the same wardrobe. Or wardrobe decorator?
9:30: Ahh, Dr. Daphne’s not super awesome, hey?
9:30: “It’s awesome because she’s a great actor in real life.” –Erin
9:32: I don’t know if I totally disagree with Lynette on this one. You’re giving advice to people, but you obviously don’t …get it yourself?
9:36: “You really took a chance on me.” –Robin. Why did I just start singing ABBA?
9:36: Parents recognizing Robin from the strip club. Awesome.
9:38: “I promised her I wouldn’t have sex. I didn’t promise you wouldn’t.” –Ana. What does THAT mean? ……..
9:40: Ooh…death threats from Angie. And Austin Powers chick egging on an angry Angie?
9:47: “You sucked. You were really bad.” –Lynette, to Dr. Daphne.
9:48: “Do it, Tom. Do it. Do it.” –Erin
9:48: “Do it. Insult the doctor. Do it!” –Erin
9:48: “YEESS!!” –Erin
9:49: Gaby and Carlos are hearing something they shouldn’t be….but I want to hear it!
9:55: I’m loving Mike’s interaction with MJ.
9:56: So we’re all loving all the couples in this show now — Mike and Susan are adorable lately!
9:56: (except Bree and Orson…..)
9:59: “And so, I’m asking you: please stay.” –Bree
10:00: You cant just decide you want to love someone, Bree…