Talk about bad customer service. A nonprofit organization designed to help businesses in the Seattle area who were negatively affected by light rail construction sent a profanity-laden letter to a woman who applied for a loan. Jessie Jones, who applied for a loan to aid her beauty salon in Seattle, was rejected for a loan and appealed. Later, she got a letter in the mail making fun of her and her application and referring to her as a “crazy-ass bitch.” The letter is below.

If that’s hard to read, here are a couple of ‘highlights’:

I want to tell you that you are one crazy-ass bitch. It was a complete waste of time for you to come before the board though it did provide us some comic relief.

We are very interested in how our programs are working to help Rainier Valley businesses who actually operate a business and not a hobby. The CDF strives to deliver a professional service to our customers which by the looks of your establishment, you wouldn’t know anything about. Your comments will help us to improve upon our program operations where we will better screen out broke ass crazies.

Maybe if the people at the nonprofit organization had read our article about bad cupcake customer service this would not have happened.

[Via KiroTV]