If you, like me, tend to put all your eggs in one basket when you travel in that you take your ten cutest outfits everywhere you go, then worry that your suitcase will get lost and you will never see them again, especially the ones from thrift stores, you will be happy to know that science has finally invented a way to keep track of your stuff. The thing is called Trakdot, and it will actually be for sale soon!

The way it works is simple: you just stick it in your suitcase, and the thing somehow knows when it is flying and “goes to sleep.” When it lands, it cheerfully texts its location to you, and it also has an app that will let you know when you are 30 feet from your luggage.

Of course, this will not help you in the event that the airline gets sassy and refuses to give you your luggage, which I had that happen to me coming back from Berlin this past summer. Apparently, whoever had checked our bags in at 6am at the airport in Berlin had entered more checked bags than I actually had into the system, leading the mean faced people at Heathrow to tell me that my bags were not going to be allowed to come with me on my connection to New York. Whaaaat? No! I almost lost my cool.

The Trakdot cannot help with that, nor can it force the airline to actually convey your bag(s) back to you in a timely fashion. Still, the peace of mind it gives to know where your shit is is probably worth it. Now, if I could only get one for my keys, my phone (catch-22 alert) and my birth control pills, I’d be all set.

$50, coming in April 2013