Your dog might have his own doghouse. So, clearly, he also needs his own scented candles.

When I heard that a company actually exists to make scented candles just for dogs, I figured they would smell like bacon or, say, ground hamburger. Or poop. But I guess these scents are also designed to be palatable for humans. Scents include:

  • Fart & Away (ylang ylang, fennel, tuberose, white tea, and myrtle; supposedly covers up fart smells)
  • Friends to the Rescue (geranium, ginger, and cypress; supposedly keeps mosquitoes and fleas away)
  • Field of Dreams (lavender, vetiver, and sandalwood; supposedly helps your dog sleep)

There are also some other scents whose names don’t start with F.

Candles are $32 each or $150 for a set of five.