Today, in news of Things So Bad You’d Never Even Considered Fearing Them (But Will Now), an Idaho man has been arrested and charged with solicitation of rape and burglary after it was discovered that he’d used Craigslist to recruit men to break into his house and rape his wife.

According to CNN, the man posted ads in the Casual Encounters section of craigslist without his wife’s knowledge or consent, saying that she “wanted to be forcibly raped as that was a fantasy of hers,” and telling them “not to stop no matter how much she resisted.” The first time this happened, a man knocked on her door and said “I’m here for you” before pushing his way inside. A struggle ensued, but she was eventually able to drive him out by pointing a 9mm gun at him. The second time, the wife (who sounds like kind of a bad ass) did an even better job at self-defense, holding the stranger at gunpoint until the cops arrived.

Finding the situation was not what he’d expected, the arrested man told the cops that he’d been solicited to perform what he thought would be a consensual roleplay scene by the husband on Craigslist, a story the husband offered no resistance to. An email trail confirmed it.

What kind of psychopath do you have to be to do this to your own wife? I’m guessing this was already an abusive relationship, but this is fucked up in so many ways. Violence can be committed in the heat of the moment, but this was clearly premeditated. And in addition to endangering his wife, he put two innocent men in danger of arrest or shooting. This is why people who routinely engage in this kind of heavy roleplaying are generally so careful about safe words, meeting up beforehand, making sure consent is obtained, etc. This nightmare scenario might be one-in-a-million, but nobody wants it to happen to them. At the very least, those men have learned an important lesson and will hopefully be more careful in the future.

But primarily, of course, I feel bad for the wife. I hope he goes to jail and she gets all of his money. She’s also prompted me to think twice about my “no guns in the house, ever” stance, because I’m way more afraid of being raped than I am of having guns around.

(Via CNN)

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