In the past few weeks, Kenneth Tong – a D list celebrity I guess was famous for something? Sometime? – has become the most hated man in Britain. All because of Twitter! He’s been tweeting endorsing managed anorexia, which he claims is a lifestyle choice, using phrases like “”Use your self-hate as a catalyst” and “get thin, or die trying.” He also claims that women over size zero are “worthless.”

This is why this sucks and is dumb and awful and I hateKennethTongbutpeoplesaidIcouldn’tjustwritehisnameandwrite”hatehatehate”afterit100timessowhatever:

1) This isn’t original. You can buy a little cushion that says “boys like girls who look neat, when in doubt, just don’t eat” at the needlepoint shop. (No, really, you can, it’s awful). If Tong’s aim is to become famous from an original stance, then he is failing. If his aim is to say something that has been said 100 times before and will reliably make people hate you, then I guess he’s succeeding, but he could just as well endorse the Nazi party or nose-punching dolphins, or eating bald eagle egg omelets, which let’s be honest, would probably be large and delicious, but I’m getting away from myself. This position doesn’t make you interesting, Kenneth Tong. It just makes you an asshole.

2) As far as I can tell, this isn’t in service of anything, other than randomly making people feel bad. Oh, wait, it’s supposed to be for a size zero pill that Tong is developing! Oh! Okay then! Oh, wait, he hasn’t developed it. The Guardian notes :

I suggested he risked harming people and asked him: “At whatever cost?”

He replied: “The cost will be whatever Standard Retail Price I set [for my Size Zero Pill] shortly.”

He refused to back up the existence of such a pill with any evidence about it.

3) You can’t call backsies when people hate you. Immediately after, well, everyone in the entire world (Simon Cowell, Rhianna, the world is populated by only 3 people) started attacking Tong, he claimed it was all a joke. Yes, it was… a hilarious joke. Jokes are supposed to be funny. Tong, if you’re going to be an asshole, at least be an asshole with the courage of your convictions. Otherwise, you’re a cowardly asshole.

4) I like to think that I have a friendly, good natured relationship with food, and reading these for a few minutes still makes me feel like I should never eat anything again, ever (fine – I didn’t always have a friendly good natured relationship with food, but has anyone?) I can only imagine what the reaction would be for someone who is in the throes of anorexia. I’m guessing it would be bad. That seems like a reasonable assumption, right? And I guess the fact that someone would tweet messages that are deeply and genuinely harmful to people for the sake of a joke? God, that’s really the most appalling part of all of this.

5) Hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate. Kenneth Tong. Hate hate hate hate hate. Hate.