What’s the first place that comes to mind when you think about where artists, crafters and designers might like to live? I think of cities like Portland, Austin, and New York; basically, anywhere known for its vibrant artistic community and silly fashions. But did you know that a sleepy little town called Marfa, Texas has been hosting such activities for years? Etsy recently posted a nice video profile of the place, and while some of the people look like extras from Portlandia, I really can’t hate on that one dude’s awesome geodesic dome or the fact that everyone gets together to knit scarves every Wednesday.  Minimalist sculptor Donald Judd is the most famous person to have lived there, but all manner of creative people seem to thrive. It definitely helps that their rent is like, one one millionth of what it costs to live in New York so they can support themselves exclusively by selling fingerless gloves or what have you. The windswept desert also holds a certain wild beauty that a lot of solitary art types probably find appealing.

Am I about to pack up and move there? Probably not. But it’s definitely going on the list of places I might like to visit on my next road trip.