Mariah Carey Nick Canoon Vow RenewalIt’s an accepted rule that people who continuously make a spectacle of their awesome relationship are doomed to failure, right? Not that anyone thinks Mariah Carey and her lapdog are the epitome of a successful relationship, but sharing photos from their vow renewal is pretty much the nail in the glittery coffin, as far as I can tell.

Heidi Klum and Seal were one of the world’s most adorable couples. Really, the most annoying thing about them was that yearly vow renewal that left every other human being on the planet rolling their eyes. But for the other 364 days a year, they seemed pretty great together. And now look what happened.

I’m convinced that the vow renewal just cursed them. It’s like bragging about how graceful you are, the universe just can’t help but make you trip and fall on your face after that.

Not that I’m expecting Nick Cannon and his bride to be self-aware enough to realize how obnoxious these pictures are, but wouldn’t you assume that they follow the trends. With Heidi and Seal’s break-up, renewals are definitely going down, right?

And since it’s Friday, might I add that the Diva’s dress looks like something you could get from David’s Bridal.

No matter what she’s wearing though, someone should let this couple know that we’re all astonished happy that they’ve made it four long years together, but anniversaries can be private. Even if you have to the kind of couple that renews your vows, that act doesn’t require a press release. As far as I’m concerned, they’re just tempting fate and dishonoring Seal and Heidi’s memory.

(As I finished this post, I also realized that there’s another amazing example of why you shouldn’t renew your vows. Click here to see what it is.)

(Photo: PopSugar)